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Black Skeptics L.A. is a group of non-believers originated to fill the void of safe spaces for spiritual skeptics of African-American descent, particularly for undocumented, LGBT and homeless youth, and those in foster care. They emphasize humanism education and activism. Accordingly, on the day we visited, they were presenting scholarships to young, freethinking community leaders. Funding help for the scholarships came in part from Atheists United, another local non-believers group that sponsors everything from hikes to game nights.

More than 5 million Angelenos are affiliated with one of the area’s 4,000+ registered spiritual congregations. These communities range in size, shape, doctrine and culture. Here we take a look at just a few of these groups. All photos by Kevin Halladay-Glynn.

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National Medical Fellowships is currently accepting applications for a number of programs that fund underrepresented minority medical students. Scholarship awards range from $2,000 - $5,000.

Apply now:
Deadline: September 25, 2014

Questions? email:
Follow @NMFonline on Twitter for program updates

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The Schomburg Junior Scholars Program is accepting applications! Encourage youth (ages 11-18) to become a part of this dynamic Saturday academy that combines history, art, and activism to amplify youth voices!

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Heads up New York! This is very creative!!

“Funk, God, Jazz and Medicine will serve as a veritable pop-up museum around the neighborhoods of Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant, where live art imitates radical Black life.

Curated by Nato Thompson and Rashida Bumbray, the exhibit will offer four consecutive weekends of site-specific workshops, videos, artist talks, clinics and print and broadcast media installations– an artistic reflection on the social infrastructures that stimulated 150 years of local Black self-determination.”

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Black Skeptics Group is very excited about meeting you Oct. 11-12, 2014 at Center for Inquiry | Los Angeles (CFI).  We have had an overwhelming response about our Moving Social Justice Conference and we just wanted to share a few details with you.

Here are some of the perks & incentives:

You can apply for a $200 travel voucher (grant) to help offset some some of your travel costs.  (click the link for details)

We will provide daycare services during the conference.

We will have several vendors there with high quality products for sale.

We will have raffles, giveaways, etc. for attendees.

When you click the link below, you will see the panel listings and times.

If you have any questions, please contact  We are also taking donations via that same email address per Paypal.

Next year’s conference will be in Houston, Tx.  Houston Black Non-Believers (HBN) will be our host group.

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“I wasn’t prepared for the naming of that inaction by the industrialised world as racism,” Klein says. “I was struck by the fact that African delegates were using words such as genocide, describing a two-degree temperature target as allowing Africa to burn.” She pauses. “I found the Copenhagen experience pretty devastating.”